Artisans At Work


We create art on  wood inspired by daily life, from the carvings on temples and from nature. All our woodcarvings are 100% hand carved on hard wood by using traditional metal chisel and hammer the same way  our ancestors did. The skills has been passed down from father to his son and we plan to pass these skills to  the  new generation for future.

In olden times only males used to be in this art form but nowadays   even females are  part  of it .We do have  young female artisans who create the finer details of the  patterns on our woodcarving.

Master Craftsmen who have been with us for the last 15 years  breathe life on local hard wood taking as long as 4-5 months for some really intricate customized products.

The workshop is opened from 9.30am- 4.30pm everyday with a 30 minutes break time at 2pm. All are  welcome to view the on going work