Baithak (Deluxe Suite)

Baithak translates to a room dedicated to gatherings and celebrations where family members witness auspicious occasions. Adorned with handcrafted lattice windows, the room is historic. Its walls carry stories of joy and peace.

Enjoy the unmatched view of Dattatreya Square that Baithak offers whilst seated in the traditional way of cross legged on a raised platform by the windows. You can also peek through the windows on the other side of the room to a courtyard that houses a 1500-year-old shrine.

Baithak can accommodate up to 3 people comfortably. It is minimally furnished with a queen-size bed and traditional carpet called sukul made out of elephant grass, along with traditional vessels and ceramic pots. Its attached bathroom comes with basic facilities.


Price: USD 75 for 1 pax, USD 85 for 2 pax and USD 95 for 3 pax
Pricing is inclusive of breakfast and taxes